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The FUSAR feed is a content stream filled with amazing views, awesome rides, and interesting routes captured by your friends and action sports enthusiasts across the globe. Share your experiences after the fact, or pair your FUSAR Camera to share photo and video content in real-time.


Record your rides - solo or with a group. Keep track of your favorite routes, log your performance metrics, and talk to your friends no matter how far away they are using RiderChat™, our unlimited-range communication feature.


Your profile is the digital record of your action sports history. View your personal stats, photos and videos, and saved rides. Check out your friends’ profiles to see who’s the most active and how you stack up.



FUSAR is an entire technology platform, built for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. We create software and Hardwear™ products that are designed to help you ride smart and stay connected to your friends and family while you’re on the go.

The FUSAR app is a multi-tool that serves as the center of the experience. It replaces the need for multiple apps that only work for certain sports, it allows your favorite devices to finally work together, and the best part - it’s 100% free. Download today and learn what it means to Ride Smart™.

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Interacting with your technology while on the go has never been easier. You can use the FUSAR remote control to interface with your smartphone and to control your devices, like your favorite Bluetooth headset or your FUSAR Camera. Chat with friends or take a picture with the push of a button, all while keeping your hands safely on your handlebars. Plus the multi-color LEDs provide visual feedback, so you always know what your technology is doing. Say goodbye to pulling over to fish your phone out of your pocket.


Today’s Bluetooth communicators have severe range limitations and you can never get them to pair to different brands. Now, thanks to the FUSAR Rider Chat app functionality and the FUSAR Remote Control, you can pair your favorite Bluetooth headset to the FUSAR app and talk to your friends with the push of a button, no matter how far away they are or what device they’re using. This is the world’s first cloud-based communication system for action sports.


Your smartphone can take photos and videos, but it can also do a lot more. Why should your action camera be any different? The FUSAR Camera is the next step in the evolution of smart action products. On top of HD action camera capabilities, it is equipped with a range of onboard sensors that allow it to do some really cool things. It’s GPS enabled and can be used to record performance metrics that matter to you like lean angle, speed, distance, air-time and more. It has crash detection and black box functionality so that you can recall the data and footage leading up to an incident. Most importantly, it can send emergency alerts to your friends and family in the event of an accident to ensure help gets to you as quickly as possible.