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Technology for people in motion

Everyone should have a safe, easy and affordable way to interact with the same technology we use in our daily lives, while in motion.

Our Story

FUSAR was founded after our CEO was involved in a motorcycle accident, so increasing user safety is vital for us. While we can’t prevent accidents, our patented Black Box technology and Guardian Angel emergency alert system give our riders peace of mind in knowing that help will be on the way if something goes wrong. FUSAR has created a platform of inter-connected products that function standalone or together in such a way that enables new experiences by fusing communication, camera, and safety technology for our community of adventurers.

FUSAR stands for the fusion of technology and adventure.

Our Mission

We believe that software can connect the world and we’re building technologies that will allow your favorite action tech products to work with each other for the first time. Bluetooth headsets of any brand can communicate with each other over any distance* via the FUSAR app. Use your FUSAR Remote Control to control the app and easily interface with your devices when you’re on the go. Take photos and live video blasts at the touch of a button. If anything happens, the FUSAR Camera is capable of detecting a crash and can send an emergency alert out automatically.


Who We Are

We’re action sports nuts and tech junkies. Hooligan nerds. We’re putting decades of action sports experience into the creation of products that meet our own strict standards. Our team is comprised of experienced product developers and engineers who have shipped products for globally renowned brands. We are passionate to a fault and we own it. We ride, design, build and code everything.