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Ride Smart with the FUSAR App

FUSAR App on Smart Phones

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The FUSAR app packs a lot of punch. It’s multi-tool that serves as the center of the experience. It replaces the need for multiple apps that only work for certain sports, it allows your favorite devices to finally work together. Use as a stand alone product or with any FUSAR hardware. The best part – it’s 100% free!

A social media platform created for adrenaline craving enthusiasts.

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Track Your Rides

How far did you ride today? How many corners did you hit in that last section of twisties? What was your average speed? How about top speed (the legal limit, of course)? Stop wondering and know for sure… We crunch the data so you don’t have to.

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Create & Share Content

Post your favorite photos and HotShot live video blasts right to the FUSAR feed and share across all major social channels.

Earn and Collect Patches

Earning patches is the best way to show off everything you've done up to now.

Keep a digital record of your action sports history.

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Use In-App Push-to-Talk Comms

Turn your phone into an unlimited range walkie talkie. FUSAR’s RideChat feature allows you to voice chat with up to 12 friends at a time, no matter how far apart you are.

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Free Emergency Alerts

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can use FUSAR’s Guardian Angel alert system to notify 3 preset emergency contacts and provide them with your location and contact info for nearby EMS dispatchers.