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FUSAR stands for the fusion of technology and adventure. We are creating the world's first technology platform for action sports. 

The FUSAR app is a multi-tool that serves as the center of the user experience. Record your rides and track your performance metrics across a range of different activities. All of your top stats are displayed right on your profile page, so it's easy to see how you stack up against friends. Share your favorite routes, photos and videos right to your feed for your friends to see. Like what your friends are posting? Send them a Rider Chat invite and chat via walkie-talkie comms. In the event of an accident, you can quickly and easily send a distress signal to your emergency contacts.

We believe that software can connect the world and we're building technologies that will allow your favorite action tech products to work with each other for the first time. Bluetooth headsets of any brand can communicate with each other over any distance* via the FUSAR app. Use your FUSAR Remote Control to control the app and easily interface with your devices when you're on the go. Take photos and live video blasts at the touch of a button. If anything happens, the FUSAR Camera is capable of detecting a crash and can send an emergency alert out automatically.

We're action sports nuts and tech junkies. Hooligan nerds. We're putting decades of action sports experience into the creation of products that meet our own strict standards. Our team is comprised of experienced product developers and engineers who have shipped products for globally renowned brands. We are passionate to a fault and we own it. We ride, design, build and code everything.

*requires data connection

Ryan Shearman - Founder & CEO
Ryan is an engineer and product developer. He's also a huge adrenaline junky and a life-long action sports enthusiast. He enjoys long walks on the beach and jumping out of airplanes.

Todd Hunter Rushing - Co-founder, Chief Designer
Todd is an industrial designer by profession and a gear head to the core. He was the youngest designer ever hired to work for LG Electronics' North American design team, where he worked on everything from laptops and smartphones to washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Clayton Patton - Co-founder, CFO
Clayton is FUSAR's resident startup guy. He was employee #4 at SFX Entertainment. He left to join FUSAR after the company's successful IPO on the NASDAQ (SFXE). He's an avid cyclist who participates in century rides to raise money and awareness for Autism research. He's also the proud owner of a Triumph America.

Dr. Geraud Krawezik - Chief Technology Officer.
Geraud leads our software team. He studied embedded systems before earning a PhD in super computing. He and his team design and implement the software that powers our entire product ecosystem.

Mike Yagudayev - Electrical Engineer
Mike came to FUSAR from MakerBot, where he led the development of the user interface board in their 5th gen 3D printer. When he's not busy designing and soldering circuit boards, he's either out on his Yamaha or playing Zelda.

Jordan De Liso - Mechanical Design Engineer
Jordan was granted his 1st patent while still in high school. He went on to study mechanical engineering at Tufts. He has been on 2-wheels since Excitebike launched on NES, and currently rides a 2013 Honda CBR500R.

Robert Oliveira - Software Engineer
Robert is the keeper between the client and server. He is the deployer of solutions, master of the API. He's on the market for his first bike.