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The Easiest Ride Tracking App You'll Ever Use


A New Cleaner User Interface 

When you're out riding the last thing you need is more distraction. So we've simplified the live screen you'll see while your tracking. Easily see your speed and mileage at a glance so you can keep more of your attention on the road. Plus, we created nice big buttons to pause and restart your ride when you need to make a stop.


One Tap Ride Tracking

As riders, we know that you want to get out on the road with less interruptions. So we streamlined the process to start a ride. You're now just one click away from starting a ride. Tap, mount, and go. 


Your Own Personal Garage

We figured you probably have more than one bike. Or you might have a bicycle or snowboard or skis or snowmobile or some other sort of activity you want to track. Now you can store all your toys in your own personal garage. When you want to track an activity, simply select that unit from your garage and tap "Start Ride". Now you're logging stats on a different machine.  


BONUS: We have integrated a logbook to help you keep track of the timing and costs of all maintenance procedures performed on your vehicles. We also added an automated reminder system to help you stay on top of future maintenance needs. You can set reminders based on time or distance, and we tie that to your ride tracking data, so there's no more guessing when you should change your chain/oil/tires!

View Your Stats 

How far did you ride today? How many corners did you hit in that last section of twisties? What was your average speed? How about top speed (the legal limit, of course)? Stop wondering and know for sure… We crunch the data so you don’t have to.

It's Easier to Create & Share Content

We've made social interactions with other FUSAR users so much easier. You now get a beautiful feed of all your friends riding photos right when you open the app and you can easily post and share your own photos to your other social media accounts right from FUSAR. 


Connect More

We know that the FUSAR community is our greatest strength. So we've made it easier for you to connect with more riders. Easily search for other riders from around the world to stay inspired to plan your next ride. 

The Only App With Built-In Safety Features

Riding motorcycles is only worth it if you make it home safely. We help keep you one tap away from loved ones with our Guardian Angel feature. Before you head out on a ride, enter three contacts to alert in the even of an accident. If something happens, you are just one tap away from sending a message to all three of those contacts to alert them of your location and nearby EMS dispatchers. Our hope is that you never need this feature, but your friends and family can breath a little easier knowing that they are connected to you while you're out doing what we all love.