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The Benefits of a Modular Smart Helmet Ecosystem

Modular Helmets

With new smart helmet products being announced all the time, it can be tough to determine what you want, what you need, and what you should completely ignore. Often you get excited for one or two features that are very useful - but don't want to get stuck paying for ten that you know you will never use. At FUSAR we are looking to overcome this problem with a modular approach to smart helmet design by allowing you to only buy the products you will have
immediate use for, while giving you the option to add functionality in the future should you find the need for it.


For example, if you are looking to add functionality to your existing Bluetooth headset, you can add our handlebar remote to add push-to-talk (walkie-talkie) functionality with our app, regardless of the headset's manufacturer. All Bluetooth microphones are compatible with our products, allowing you the flexibility to customize your setup with our FUSAR app. Additionally, our soon to be released camera can be attached to any helmet, which means you won't have to buy any new equipment when you want to switch helmets.


We all know that things break or get damaged. Another major benefit of having a modular smart helmet is that all the tech is much easier to replace. Who wants to have to replace an entire helmet just because the camera's battery doesn't hold a charge anymore? This is never an issue with our modular smart helmets as parts are easy to obtain and replace.


We are quite confident that once you try any FUSAR hardware, you'll probably want to integrate the entire ecosystem into your everyday gear. If you're looking to explore the options we have available now, shop here

Still need to download the FUSAR app? iOS and Android versions are now available!