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Patches: What They Are and How to Earn Them

Start Earning Your FUSAR Rider Patches!

FUSAR's community has been growing like wildfire, and with over 2,000 active users in just our first weeks it's easy to see how! If you've had time to play with our FUSAR app, you know all the exciting features available to you to take your rides to the next level. Between tracking your rides, uploading and sharing photos, and integrating your Bluetooth devices (any Bluetooth headset is compatible), there's plenty to do within the app! However, if you're anything like us, you're always looking for a way to stay ahead of the pack. Earning patches is the best way to show off everything you've done up to now. Here's a full breakdown of the patches you can earn through our app:


Early Adopter: Let the World Know You Helped Us Get Started

Bug Smasher Patch

Bug Smasher

You've given us great feedback during the alpha/beta stages that led to us fixing bugs!

Test Pilot Patch

Test Pilot

You helped us through open beta.


Getting Started With Your FUSAR Products!


FUSAR Camera Patch

FUSAR Camera

You've paired a FUSAR camera, congrats!

FUSAR Handlebar Remote Patch

FUSAR Controller

You've paired a FUSAR controller!



Ride the Distance


To the Moon Patch FUSAR

To the Moon 

You've logged the distance between earth and the moon on the app!

There and Back FUSAR Patch

There and Back 

You've logged the distance the moon and back.
Around the World FUSAR patch

Around the World

You've logged the distance of the equator! 

The Great Wall FUSAR Patch

The Great Wall

You've logged the length of The Great Wall of China!

Home Base FUSAR HQ Patches

Home Base

You took a ride right by our office.


The Enthusiast


Facebook FUSAR Patch

Facebook Account Linked

You've connected your FUSAR app to your Facebook account, making it easier to share your rides on Facebook.
Twitter FUSAR Patch  

Twitter Account Linked

You've connected your FUSAR app to Twitter and can now share your rides in Tweets as post directly from the app.

Rider of the Week FUSAR patch

Rider of the Week 

You've been featured as Rider of the Week on the app! We hand pick the rider each week, based on the quality of your posts and distance logged using our app. 

Pro Photo 50

 Pro Photo 50 

You've posted 50 photos.

Pro Photo 100 FUSAR patch

Pro Photo 100 

You've posted 100 photos.

Pro Photo 500 FUSAR patch

 Pro Photo 500

You've posted 500 photos! 



So what're you waiting for? Get out there and start earning patches (and bragging rights). Stay tuned for new patches that will be sure come your way by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Still need to download the FUSAR app? iOS and Android versions are now available!


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