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An Open Letter to SKULLY's Customers

Dear SKULLY Nation,

Where I come from, you stop to help when you see another rider go down.

As fellow enthusiasts, we share in your excitement for new technology and innovative thinking that aims to make the things we love safer and more fun. Creating great products that people love is a challenge that is extremely rewarding, but comes with many risks. At FUSAR, we have tremendous respect for the impact that SKULLY has had on the motorcycle world and the uncertainty surrounding their future is concerning to us all. I have admired their vision since day one and wish all the great people there the best of luck.

There are a large number of you out there that invested in SKULLY and the future of smart helmets. You understood the value of what they set out to build and your faith in the technology has helped change the course of the industry forever. Being a first-mover always has its costs and risks, but I hate to see that burden fall on the shoulders of customers. That's exactly why I'd like to make an offer to help restore your faith in smart helmet technology and keep you all excited about what's to come.

Today, I am happy to officially announce our Skully Owners Stimulus (SOS) program. Starting today, FUSAR will provide a credit to every SKULLY customer for the entire amount you paid for your AR-1. Although we are not releasing an augmented reality helmet right now, we do have a line of universal smart helmet products that makes your favorite helmet better - and two are already shipping! SKULLY backers will not be able to redeem the full cost at one time, but will have an opportunity to recoup the entire value of the original order. You can use it all yourself or you can gift it to someone else - and we will not charge you until your order ships.

We hope you'll give FUSAR a try and continue to support our vision of making riding more fun and safer for everyone. For more information about the SOS Program or to redeem your credit, please click here or email and a member of our sales team will be happy to help you.

If you want a glimpse into the FUSAR experience, download our free app on the App Store or on Google Play today.

Ride smart!

Ryan Shearman