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Advanced Ride Metrics Are Here!

We're super excited to announce that we have added advanced ride metrics to the latest version of the FUSAR app! The new post-ride analysis displays things like your route, ride time, distance, average speed, top speed, lean angle, elevation, and more. When you share your rides to the feed, your basic stats will be overlaid right over the bottom of your route. Tap on any ride to view the relevant stats in our new, interactive interface. You can also export a .GPX file at the touch of a button, making it easier than ever to share your routes with friends or access them from other devices.

Concerned about your privacy? So are we. That's why we've added "anonymous" tracking, as well as an option to hide you speed when you share a ride. When anonymous tracking is enabled, the first and last kilometer of your route are hidden from view. This prevents your followers from viewing the exact location where you start and stop your rides - great if you don't want people knowing where you live. If you'd like to hide your speed when sharing a ride, all you have to do is tap the visibility icon above your speed.

Download the free FUSAR app in the App Store and Google Play Store today:





- Team FUSAR