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Technology for people in motion

FUSAR is the world’s first community-driven platform for connected camera, communication, and safety technology.

Compatible with any helmet

A complete package designed to take your adventure to the next level. Capture photos and videos like never before with the FUSAR Camera. Use the F7 Bluetooth Audio System for walkie-talkie style comms that work over any distance. Control it all from your handlebars with the Handlebar Remote.

Get the complete system, or build it one piece at a time.



A social multi-tool that can be used for ride tracking, photo/video sharing, communication, and safety features.

  • Available for free on Android and iOS
  • Use with your FUSAR devices to unlock premium features

FUSAR Camera

An intelligent, cloud connected device that does much more than just capture photos and videos.

  • Crash detection with free emergency alert broadcasts
  • Use with the Handlebar Remote to capture and share photos and HotShot video blasts on the go!

F7 Bluetooth Audio System

The best entry-level Bluetooth audio system for your helmet! Mounts entirely inside your favorite helmet.

  • Supports Bluetooth music streaming, FM radio, rider-to-rider intercom, and GPS audio
  • Use with the Handlebar Remote for unlimited-range comms with up to 12 users

Handlebar Remote

Control your music playback, drop waypoints, highlight portions of your route, and control your camera without taking your hands off the bars!

  • Works with any Android or iOS smartphone using the FUSAR App
  • Use to access FUSAR’s unlimited-range Rider Chat features using any Bluetooth headset

Never Miss a Shot Again.

Tap two buttons on the Handlebar Remote to retroactively capture and share the last 15 seconds of action – even if you weren’t recording.

Your Guardian Angel in a Crash.

The FUSAR Guardian Angel feature sends SMS and email alerts to your emergency contacts with your precise location and contact info for the three nearest EMS dispatchers.

Fusar Camera

Your Own Personal Black Box

In the event an accident is detected, the FUSAR Camera locks down the last two minutes of audio, video, speed, direction of travel, and other telemetry information. For the first time ever, you’ll have a full, contextual record of what happened leading up to an accident.

Unlimited-Range Communication

Use the Handlebar Remote with your favorite Bluetooth headset to chat walkie-talkie style with up to 12 users over virtually any distance.

FUSAR App Screenshots

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